Journey To Freedom - The MusicalWritten and Directed by Izola Collins, this musical represents the 2015 Book of the Year “Freeman” by Leonard Pitts, Jr. and uses Spirituals (religious songs of the slaves) sung by the Galveston Heritage Chorale and special guest soloists. Pantomime actors with background narration help tell the story of some of America’s earliest songs. 1 hour in length on DVD.

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Fanfare! Lutheran Music Academy is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides high-quality, low-cost music and art classes to Galveston area youth, and provide a loving, God-honoring environment that nurtures children in their development.

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Journey To Freedom - The Musical

A Message from the Director, Ms. Izola Collins:

We are so happy in Galveston, Texas to celebrate 150 years of our nation not legally allowing any more humans to be in physical slavery. That the ending of this practice happened right here in Galveston gives us reason to rejoice and thank God. That’s where we come in – showing how the slaves “sang a new song” as the Bible relates. They sang the first “new songs” on American soil. Others came from other countries with songs from their lands. The slaves sang Spirit songs – now called Spirituals. They were the “folk’s music” not written by any one or two people. These years, we have arranged the spirituals for soloists and choirs. we show what they mean to us, and why we should never forget them.