galv_bay_foundationGalveston Bay produces more oysters than any other location on the Texas Coast. In 2008, however, Hurricane Ike damaged or destroyed about 60% of the oyster reefs by covering them with sediment.

Recognizing the importance of the oyster, the Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF) is working hard to  restore oyster reefs in light of the devastation from Hurricane Ike and they are seeking volunteers to help in this effort as well as local restaurants to join in and participate by donating their oyster shells. See their press release: Six Things You Should Know About Galveston Bay Oysters

Here is a video documenting how Kemah citizens in the Seagate Subdivision participated in the Galveston Bay Foundation’s oyster restoration program:

For more information, please visit the Galveston Bay Foundation’s website:

For a video about the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s efforts to help restore oyster reefs in the Galveston Bay system, please watch this video:

See also: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Check out this ABC news video (released in 2012) about the Galveston Bay Foundation: