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2016 Photograph Prices

Large (8×10) – $20
Medium (4×6 or 5×7) – $12
Small (For web use only and not for printing purposes) – $7

I do not do any printing. These prices are the cost of the digital photo which you can then take somewhere local that has a quality printer.

Photographs: Troop 123 Flag Ceremony

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Federal BuildingJudge Jeff BrownGeorge Cardenas  Scottish RiteRoy De Gesero Hill & Hill P.C. Law Firm Lt. Col Marc Hill Kayla BerwaldEllen Wood

Cattle Call

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Less than a mile from East Galveston Bay, a JHK Ranch foreman checks in with the ranch headquarters on his cell phone while his cattle… Read More »Cattle Call

Brown Pelican on Clear Creek

Pelican Landing

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Brown pelican finds his spot at popular gathering under Kemah bridge. Now outlawed, the chemical pesticide DDT caused the birds’ eggshells to thin and thus… Read More »Pelican Landing

Galveston Surfing

Poetic Plunge

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Galveston surfers are fond of saying, “If you can surf in Galveston, you can surf anywhere!” because of the bad reputation for inconsistent surf. Although… Read More »Poetic Plunge